Above Ground Swimming Pool Lights

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Above Ground Swimming Pool Lights

Posted by Bovee Adela on Saturday, 9 November, 2019 00:50:10

Above Ground Pool Lights create a beautiful ambience when hosting guests and make swimming a blast at night. Shop bright and affordable lights today! Free shipping sitewide! Everyday Low Prices! Get Exclusive Deals!

This above ground pool light illuminates up to 24 feet, and can be easily mounted to the side of any soft sided, above ground pool. Pool & Spa. Plus, if the light unit is separated from the transmitter, it will float for easy removal, and the transmitter power source is safe to use near water.

The Intex LED Pool Wall Light is a convenient bulb that attaches to the side of your above ground swimming pool.It uses magnetic tech to produce a low voltage current via your pool's wall and offers more brightness than most 50W halogen lights.. You can easily place it anywhere along the sidewall of your pool and it floats in your pool in case it is dislodged.

At Pool Warehouse we offer a complete line of Hayward swimming pool lights, from the ColorLogic 4.0 LED to the simple white light of the Hayward AstroLight. Any light we carry can be added to our inground pool kits or purchased separately.

Shop through these subcategories to find the above ground pool accessories you need: Lighting & Fountains. Your above ground swimming pool can look dreary and even scary especially at night. You can easily lighten and liven things up a bit with lighting and fountain accessories.

Pool lights are simple to mount with a bracket on above-ground pools. Or skip the installation work and use floating models. Underwater lights clamp on the side of a metal or soft frame.