Deck Around Above Ground Pool Cost

How to Build a Deck Around an Above Ground Pool

Deck Around Above Ground Pool Cost

Posted by Brun Amie on Sunday, 3 November, 2019 23:35:42

Above Ground Pool Prices Most homeowners spend between $600 and $3,000 to purchase an above ground pool, which doesn't include costs for professional installation. This is considerably less than the cost to buy and install an inground pool. The final cost for installation of an above ground pool depends on a variety of factors.

The typical 19' diameter round (283 sq.ft. of water surface area) above-ground pool will typically cost around $13 per square foot when purchased as a kit-package of material. Adding all labor and typical extra features will raise that cost to around $29 per square foot.

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Controlling Costs -- Above ground Partially In-ground In-ground Things to Consider Controlling Costs The perfect centerpiece for a new or existing patio , the Endless Pool lets you create an at-home sanctuary for exercise and entertaining.

On average, the cost to build an above ground pool deck can range between $4,700 to $7,800. In some instances, an inexpensive above ground pool deck can cost $2,000. However, some decks can cost significantly more, depending on size and how elaborate the design.

How Much Does a Concrete Pool Deck Cost? Not everyone can afford to add a large and elaborate wood deck around their swimming pools, but many people will find that they can afford a concrete patio. Concrete is a type of building material that consists of small granules of cement and other aggregate materials.