Palm Tree Roots Near Pool

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Palm Tree Roots Near Pool

Posted by Brave Aiglentina on Sunday, 3 November, 2019 23:36:48

You might want to consider a palm tree. Depending on the area surrounding the pool. They have a small root ball so you won't have to worry about the roots invading your pool "wall". There are many

And how much actual room there is; you don't want a tree crashing into the eves of the house when the wind blows, if there is only 4' between the pool and the fence you need something that does not have big roots or too large a spread. Some trees have a season where they are a pain, but it is short, like the Loquats that are near our pool decking.

If tree roots are in the soil under the pool, they can be oxygen deprived and compacted by the weight of the water. We recommend putting the above ground pools as far away from trees as possible. If you have a smaller yard, and want to put up an above ground pool, we recommend putting it in the area of the yard with the least amount of absorbing tree roots.

Date, Alexander and Traveler's palms are other examples palm trees for consideration near or around the swimming pools. Juniper Tree. Junipers are ideal for a traditional or Mediterranean garden style because they are hardy and drought-resistant.

Tree roots spread along the path of least resistance, favoring and growing faster where soil is cultivated and contains adequate moisture, air and nutrients. A large, deep area of broken-up soil

Phoenix roebelenii roots are non-invasive and they are one of the cleanest palms available, perfect for around pools. Mexican Fan Palm (Washingtonia robusta): This is the perfect palm for both tropical and resort style landscape designs. Its slender, slightly curved trunk can be "cigar cut" for a more formal appearance.